NEOM Hospital accepts a number of health insurance policies at the hospital. Please consult with our Patient Services Department

We are a Ministry of Health-approved hospital and our Patient Services will offer advice on:

  • What your insurance can cover and provide, based on the benefits of your policy.
  • Our Patient Financial Services department will support you in coordinating any authorization requirements for your outpatient and inpatient treatment
  • Inform you about your own liabilities
  • Provide you with estimates for total costs, if you need to pay part of the treatment yourself
  • Provide updated information if there are complications or changes of care plans, based on clinical needs, that lead to a longer admission time or different treatment
  • Provide you with information about any deposit required and about when the payments are needed
  • Provide you with an accurate bill at the end of your stay, offsetting any paid deposit

We work with local and global insurance companies that include:

  • Bupa
  • Al-Tawuniya
  • Saudi Next Care
  • Globe Med
  • Malath Insurance
  • TCS Total Care
  • AXA Insurance